Problems Braces Can Correct

7 Problems Braces Can Correct with Awesome Results

To understand the problems braces can correct, you must first understand a little about how braces work. Braces have been used to straighten teeth as far back as 400 to 300 BC! Through the ages, many advances and improvements have taken place. Modern braces bear little resemblance to the crude and archaic anchors and wires found on ancient mummies.

Braces: How Do They Work?

Braces work by gradually improving the alignment of your teeth and jawbones and moving them into their optimal position by applying gentle pressure. The band is either glued to the tooth’s surface with orthodontic cement or wrapped around the tooth. The bracket, in conjunction with the archwire, provides tension to pull teeth into alignment.

It is common for new patients to experience discomfort during the first few weeks of treatment. During this period, your teeth and jaw alignment begin to change, improving the overall structure of your mouth and jaw. Over-the-counter pain relievers usually ease the discomfort you experience following your initial treatment.

Braces are used in these situations:

  • Jaw misalignment.
  • Teeth that are misaligned (due to overcrowding, gaps between teeth, or misshapen teeth).
  • Bite misalignment (malocclusion).
  • Periodontal problems.
  • Trouble chewing food.
  • Difficulties with speech.
  • Open bites.

What Long-Term Health Advantages Do Braces Provide?

Aligning the jaw and teeth can aid in creating an overall healthier body. Many health problems are rooted in oral hygiene problems. Properly aligned teeth make oral hygiene more accessible, meaning fewer resulting problems.

  • A proper bite allows your teeth and mouth to chew food as they should.
  • Improper tooth alignment causes additional wear and pressure on neighboring teeth, causing them to wear faster.
  • Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, which helps to reduce tooth decay, gum disease, and gingivitis.
  • Correct tooth alignment may also aid in the resolution of associated speech problems.

Having a straight smile truly can be life-changing.

What Materials Are Used to Make Braces?

This system, which includes only three essential metal parts, has become more comfortable and less noticeable than before.

  • Bracket
  • Bonding mechanism, also known as a band
  • Archwire

Braces are small brackets the orthodontist affixes to teeth. The archwire, made of nickel-titanium alloy, threads through each bracket. As the archwire is tightened, it creates tension that creates the force that moves teeth.

Brackets can be made from a variety of materials. There is some pricing variation between the different types of brackets.

Metal Braces

Problems braces can correct

Traditional metal braces use a stainless steel bracket, although gold brackets are also available from some orthodontists. Metal brackets are the original braces and have been used for the longest period. There have been many improvements, including smaller, comfortable, and more reliable brackets.

Metal braces are an affordable option. Braces continue to be the most common method for aligning teeth with the smaller brackets and other technological advances. The national average cost for metal braces ranges from $3,000 to $7,000.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work the same way as metal but use a clear or tooth-colored bracket made from ceramic. When used with a white archwire, these brackets are less visible than metal. They blend with the natural color of the teeth.

Although more expensive than metal brackets, many people prefer ceramic brackets due to their more discreet appearance. Pricing ranges from $4,000 to $8,000, with most patients in the middle area of that wide range.

Titanium Braces

They are biocompatible, strong, long-lasting, and dependable systems and are recommended for allergy sufferers. The fact that they are visible on the surface of the teeth is their major disadvantage. They cost between $3,000 to $8,000.

Invisalign Clear Alignment Trays

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional-style braces. This almost invisible tray alignment system is very popular because it allows people to continue their regular daily routine. The trays are removable, so there are no dietary restrictions, and oral hygiene is much easier. Invisalign treatment ranges in cost from $4,000 to $8,000, making them comparable to other forms of alignment correction.

Problems braces can correct

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are placed on the inner side of the teeth, on the side of the tongue. They are generally invisible when smiling. They also have a diverse range of manufacturing materials, including metal, ceramics, and gold.

The following are some of the drawbacks of this type of braces:

  • The patient may have a slight lisp at the beginning of treatment.
  • It may take longer to correct some alignment problems.
  • Oral care is complex.

Lingual braces typically cost $8,000 to $10,000.

Do Braces Alter a Person’s Appearance?

Yes, orthodontic treatment can cause changes to a person’s face. Correcting your bite with braces may also change the jaw’s alignment, which affects the overall appearance of a person.

These are the most common problems braces can correct:

  • Underbites: An underbite causes a person’s chin to extend further and appear too large for the face. After braces treatment, the jaw will return to its normal position and be less prominent.
  • Overbites: People with overbites, as opposed to underbites, may appear to have no chin at all. When a patient’s bite is brought into alignment, braces can help to establish a stronger jawline.
  • Open bite: An open bite causes the lips to stretch out over the teeth. It’s a noticeable issue because the upper lip can jut out, and, in severe cases, the mouth may not close naturally. When the problem is treated, a patient will be able to naturally close their mouth without having to stretch the lips around angled teeth.

If you are ready to begin the journey to your dream smile, we are prepared to provide the way to get there!

The Problems Braces Can Correct Are Many

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