Invisalign Teens Treatment: From a New Jersey Teen Experience


As a teenager, having straight teeth is important for aesthetic and oral health reasons. Unfortunately, traditional braces can be uncomfortable and bulky, affecting a person’s appearance during treatment. Thankfully, there are Invisalign Teens! As someone who recently underwent this Invisalign treatment in New Jersey, I’d like to share my experience with you so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

How I Started Invisalign Teens

Invisalign Teens

I’ve always known that my teeth weren’t perfectly straight, but I had never done anything about it until recently. My dentist in New Jersey suggested that I consult a teen orthodontist to help me determine my case and provide a treatment plan to correct my crooked teeth.

According to my research and experience, crooked teeth and bite problems such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite can cause many issues. They can lead to difficulty chewing, speech impediments, and jaw problems later on.

Additionally, crooked teeth are harder to keep clean and can lead to plaque buildup and cavities. It’s hard to achieve the perfect smile when your teeth aren’t properly aligned. Plus, the teenage years are when people are most self-conscious about their physical appearance.

For these reasons, I started to consult a New Jersey orthodontist about my case and the options available for treatment.

Consultation with a New Jersey Orthodontist

When my parents and I visited an orthodontist, they took 3D scans of my teeth and jaw and X-rays. They’ve provided us with treatment options that may be beneficial in correcting my crooked teeth. They told me about braces, and the types available, like ceramic brackets and lingual braces.

My orthodontist explained that teenage orthodontics braces might not be as needed for my case since I didn’t have extreme problems. Plus, I was hesitant to go through teeth straightening treatment with braces as I thought they would be too noticeable and uncomfortable. I also know from some of my friends’ experiences that braces need regular adjustments, which cause discomfort and visit requirements.

The orthodontist then suggested the Invisalign Teens treatment and explained how it works. My parents and I decided to try it, and I am glad we did! I wanted to share my teenager’s experience, hoping it would be helpful for other New Jersey teenagers considering Invisalign Teens for their teeth alignment problems.

Invisalign Teens Treatment Experience


A few weeks after my orthodontist provided a treatment plan and showed me how my teeth would be corrected using a number of Invisalign trays, I started my orthodontic treatment. I went back to the orthodontist’s office to get my first set of clear aligners and was instructed to wear them for at least 22 hours daily.

Invisalign trays look like clear plastic retainers, which I’ve seen some people I know wearing when their treatment is done. But they have smoother edges and look sturdy and solid. When I tried to fit my first set in, I was amazed at how comfortable they felt in my mouth!

After my fitting, I went home with instructions to wear my aligners for two weeks and then return for a review. Every two weeks from then on, I’d get a new set of trays delivered to my home. During my review visits at the orthodontist in Morristown, they would check my progress and make sure that everything is going according to plan. These visits are scheduled every four to six weeks.

One of the best things I loved about my Invisalign Teens orthodontic journey is the 3D simulation of my teeth movement sent to me through the ClinCheck system. Seeing how my teeth move and get closer to the desired shape is cool and motivating.

After a few months, I started noticing gradual changes in my smile. My teeth were becoming straighter, and my confidence was growing. I no longer felt embarrassed when smiling or talking to new people!

Beautiful Results!

How To Clean Your Invisalign Aligners

My orthodontic treatment lasted for 10 months, and I was excited when it finally ended. My teeth were perfectly aligned with parental guidance and support from my orthodontist, and my bite was corrected! I was really happy with the final results as my teeth were more beautiful than before, and I felt so proud.

I’m thankful to have considered Invisalign Teens treatment as it changed my life and improved my smile. I would definitely recommend Invisalign Teens treatment to anyone considering braces or similar orthodontic treatments. Schedule a consultation with Goldkind Family Orthodontics.