Celebrities with Invisalign

Celebrities WIth Invisalign

Celebrities with Invisalign are popping up everywhere from award ceremonies to the Red Carpet. Although some celebrities are rather shy about their orthodontics, many willingly share their experiences. Whether you are considering Invisalign® or traditional metal braces to straighten your smile, it helps to know that you’re in good company!

How Invisalign Works and Why It Is Popular

It seems like Invisalign® became popular immediately after its release in 1999. That wasn’t actually how it happened. Many orthodontists originally rejected the clear aligners as nothing more than a gimmick. They weren’t created by a dentist so how could they possibly work?

Well, they did work. Within a few short years, Invisalign® became one of the most requested orthodontic treatments. The nearly invisible tray aligners work by gently pushing against teeth with constant pressure. They are constructed in sequential sets that, little by little, move teeth into alignment.

The use of SmartTrack® material means that the trays are durable and almost invisible. The discreet, low-profile appearance of the trays means that patients can continue their normal routines. There are no brackets and wires and no special diets. Trays slip out easily for eating and drinking and make oral care easy.

Advancements in the technology continue, with Align Technology expanding the product line and increasing the capabilities. What began as a way to “touch-up” minor smile imperfections is now able to correct complex bite issues.

Even if you have been told in the past that Invisalign® wasn’t right for you, getting a second opinion is a good idea.

Celebrities with Invisalign Love the Look

When it comes to making great smiles, Invisalign® is the clear winner. Whether simply closing minor gaps or aligning crooked teeth, Invisalign® is up to the task. Celebrities with Invisalign enjoy the fact that they can continue their normal routine while working on their smile.

Whether they are rehearsing lines for a scene or accepting an Oscar, the trays are almost invisible. Most people don’t even realize that they are there. The results speak for themselves.

Famous Smiles You May Recognize

Tennis great Serena Williams used Invisalign® as a teen. Now we see her smile in commercials, news interviews, and of course, on the tennis court. Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors had to remove his trays before making a brief speech at the NBA Championship ceremony.

In order to tune their smiles before getting married both actress Katherine Heigl and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wore Invisalign®. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen also has an Invisalign® smile.

There are more:

  • Actress-Singer Zendaya Coleman
  • Actor Jack Black
  • Actor-Politician Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • R&B singer Christina Milian
  • Actress Anna Kendrick
  • Actor Zac Efron
  • Actress Eva Longoria
  • Singer Katy Perry
  • Actress Demi Lovato
  • Reality TV stars Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

Let’s not forget little Justin Bieber, who proudly touted his Invisalign® trays in a YouTube video he created for his fans. Seeing his youthful excitement about an orthodontic appliance is refreshing.

Align Technology ChangeMakers

Co-sponsored by the National 4-H Council and Align Technology, the ChangeMakers program supports communities and youth ages 13 to 19. As a way to highlight the contributions of young people, ChangeMakers awards 100 cash prizes of $5,000 each to outstanding young people.

The awards celebration in July 2021 was hosted by actress Marsai Martin who portrays Diane Johnson in the TV series, “Black-ish.” Martin wasn’t just a random choice — she is an Invisalign® user also! You can check out the Winners Gallery to see how these amazing young people are impacting their communities.

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