Braces Friendly Snacks

Braces Friendly Snacks

When people get new braces it may feel like the end of the world. There is a list of foods to avoid that seems to include all their favorite foods and snacks. Don’t despair — there are plenty of braces-friendly snacks that can be eaten while wearing braces. Your sweet tooth will not be denied!

Why Avoiding Some Foods is Important

Braces are tough. The tiny brackets and wires can provide enough force to shift your teeth into new positions. Unfortunately, braces are also somewhat fragile. Together, the hardware combines to be strong enough to move teeth, but the individual components can be damaged.

The main reason that you are asked to avoid certain types of foods is that they can damage your braces. Damaging the hardware could possibly extend your treatment period. Nobody wants that. But you also don’t want to live on mashed potatoes for two years!

When deciding whether or not to eat something, ask yourself if it could damage your braces. If the answer is yes, you should avoid that item until you get your braces off. We understand that having braces can be difficult. But there are plenty of braces-friendly snacks to keep your sweet tooth happy.

Safe Braces-Friendly Foods

If you approach eating with the “will it damage my braces?” angle, you will see that there are still plenty of braces-friendly snacks.

Skip the mashed potatoes and head for the dessert table. With the exception of pecan pie, you can eat all the pie, but sharing is better. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, banana creme pie. You can even eat that incredibly decadent Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake! Our only caution is to avoid the pies that have chunky bits and nuts.

Likewise with cakes, cupcakes, and soft cookies. Skip the nuts and the hard candy decorations, but eat the cake. Banana bread, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, pound cake — anything without nuts and seeds.

Other braces-friendly snacks you can eat without guilt:

  • Brownies (without nuts)
  • Most donuts (avoid those with nuts)
  • Ice cream (without nuts and frozen items)
  • Pudding
  • Custard and frozen custard
  • Soft fruits like berries and bananas
  • CHOCOLATE!! Avoid nut and caramel-filled, please

We told you having braces wasn’t the end of the world. You may have to skip the Milk Duds, but your sweet tooth will not shrivel up while you gain your perfect smile!

Changing Your Habits So You Can Eat Pizza and Apples

Yes, there are ways that you can “cheat” in order to eat some favorites like apples and pizza. This trick works with lots of things on the foods to avoid list. Because the main concern is to avoid damaging your braces, you can adjust your eating habits for certain foods.

For instance, order pizza with a pan-style crust and toppings that are not hard and crunchy. Use a knife and fork (yes, it is pretentious, but bear with us) to cut your pizza into bite-sized pieces. Rather than pulling and tearing with your front teeth, which can damage your braces, you can use your back teeth to chew the bites. You get pizza but protect your braces.

With apples, carrots, celery, and other hard fruits and veggies, cutting them into bite-sized pieces allows you to keep them also. You should peel apples because the skins can get caught in the brackets and wires. Always remember to chew with your molars rather than your front teeth. Pieces should be about a half-inch in size.

Questions About Braces-Friendly Snacks?

If you have questions about braces-friendly snacks, please feel free to contact Goldkind Family Ortho. Our staff will be happy to help guide you toward an enriching snack-filled life during your treatment.

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