Foods To Avoid With Invisalign & Braces

Foods To Avoid With Invisalign & Braces

Braces are a wonder of today’s world. Only braces are capable of moving your teeth, arranging them perfectly and giving you the most perfect smile. 10 years ago, you rarely would have heard of adults wearing braces, as they were almost exclusively used with kids. Nowadays, the situation is quite different .. quite the opposite actually. Today’s adults request braces even more than children. With the increase in demand for a perfect smile, and the constant need to look your best, it is no surprise that braces are one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures of today.

But let’s face it .. braces are not easy to wear. A lot of obstacles stand in the face of braces wearers. A lot of people think twice before getting braces for the fear of facing one or more of these obstacles.

What are the problems that face braces wearers?

  1. Appearance:

    The first obstacle is the largest, and that is the looks. Braces – especially traditional metallic braces – are very ugly to look at. Most people – especially adults – would abandon the treatment altogether only because of their appearance during the treatment period. Modern treatment options such as Invisalign aim to solve this problem.

  2. Oral hygiene:

    If you ever wore braces or knew someone who has, then you know what a nightmare teeth cleaning with braces is. Braces make even the simplest acts such as brushing and flossing practically impossible. More sophisticated – and expensive – equipment are required, such as an electric tooth brush and water flossers.

  3. Food restrictions:

    You might not know this, but some foods are a big No-No with braces. Any type of food that could cause damage to the braces, or make the teeth very difficult to clean is strictly forbidden during the treatment period. Some people are simply not willing to give up their favorite foods, and rightfully so.

What are the foods to avoid with Invisalign & braces?

  1. Hard foods:

    Hard foods are bad for the teeth in general. With braces, they are even worse. Foods such as chips, nuts or even hard fruits such as apples and pears apply a great amount of pressure on the braces, and they could end up dislodged from their position.

  2. Sticky foods:

    Sticky foods are dangerous for 2 reasons:

    1. They could stick to the brackets and remove them from their place.
    2. They stick to the teeth and are impossible to clean with braces on. In some cases after the treatment is finished, you would find a lot of cavities and even gum disease due to these uncleaned food remnants

You better avoid foods such as gum, toffee and caramel until you get your braces off.

What happens if the brackets are removed from their position?

The brackets are the main mechanism of teeth movement. When the brackets are removed, no force is applied to the teeth, and therefore no movement occurs. This means the treatment period would be longer. Not only that, but brackets are sharp by design. When they are unbound to the teeth, they are free to move in the mouth, causing injuries and lacerations to the gums, lips and cheeks. It is best you take great care, and update your knowledge on the foods to avoid with Invisalign & braces to avoid such dangers.