Braces For Kids Near Me

Where Can I Find Braces For Kids Near Me?

Our team at Goldkind Orthodontics are dedicated to providing braces for kids and Invisalign Teen in Morristown NJ. As a leading orthodontist, Dr. Goldkind is experienced in working with children and correcting many common orthodontic issues.

What Age Should I Consider Braces For Kids?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a visit with a Morristown orthodontist by age 7. In most children, several permanent teeth have erupted by this age, allowing us to effectively assess your current orthodontic condition.

Can You Play Sports With Braces For Kids?

For kids with braces, playing a contact sport or instrument may require some slight adjustment time, but wearing braces will not prevent participation in any school activities. However, we recommend kids who play contact sports to wear a mouth guard in order to protect their braces and teeth.

Are There Foods You Cannot Eat With Braces For Kids?

braces for kids near meYes. During your initial consultation, we will provide complete instructions and discuss the list of foods to avoid with braces. Some of those include sticky foods, hard foods, chewy foods, and crunchy foods. You can avoid most emergency appointments to repair broken or damaged braces by carefully following this list.

Do Braces For Kids Hurt?

Typically, braces are not painful. Although, some patients may experience mild discomfort for a brief period of time after braces get tightened. After certain visits to an orthodontist in Morristown, teeth may be sore for a few days. When this occurs, over the counter pain relievers will ease the discomfort. However, most patients do not feel any soreness at all after an orthodontist visit!

Finding Braces For Kids Near Me

In conclusion, Dr. Goldkind and our team at Goldkind Orthodontics are experts in orthodontic care. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Invisalign Teen or braces for kids in Morristown NJ, Morris Plains NJ, Randolph NJ, Cedar Knolls NJ, Florham NJ, Madison NJ, and Parsippany NJ. Contact Goldkind Orthodontics to schedule a free consultation. Call now (973) 538-5067.