Braces For Kids Morristown NJ

Braces For Kids Morristown NJ

Nowadays, looking at the person next to you is hard, and not seeing braces is hard. Everybody seems to demand braces nowadays since everybody wants a more beautiful smile. 10 years ago, it was very rare that you see an adult with a mouth full of braces, but now with the evolution of all the technologies of Invisalign, lingual braces, and clear braces, adults wear braces just as much as kids. However, kids need braces more than adults. If you need a provider of braces for kids Morristown, NJ, residents trust Dr Goldkind and the team at Goldkind Orthodontics. As leading orthodontists in Morristown, their expertise and dedication to creating beautiful smiles have earned them the trust of children and adults seeking orthodontic care.

What are Braces?

Braces are orthodontic appliances that orthodontists use to straighten teeth and repair dental irregularities. The components of these appliances—brackets, wires, and bands—all work together to gently press on the teeth and eventually move them into the proper positions. They typically deal with problems like crooked teeth, overcrowding, gaps, and bite abnormalities. Modern orthodontic technology has allowed the development of numerous braces, such as clear braces, classic metal braces, and aligners like Invisalign®. For children and adults, braces are essential to achieving straighter, healthier smiles, improving dental health, and increasing self-confidence.

Is it better to get braces while you’re a kid or an adult?

Generally speaking, getting braces when you’re a kid is much easier, and the treatment time is much shorter. Children’s bones are more malleable and can adapt easily to the movement of the teeth by braces. This malleability also results in faster teeth movement and bone reconstruction, which means teeth take a shorter time to reach their destination, and the overall treatment time is shortened.

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Is the procedure different between adults and children?

Not at all. Braces work the same way for both adults and children. The brackets, wires and elastics all work together to move the teeth to the desired location.

That being said, the only difference (other than the shorter treatment time) is the available options for kids. Adults can choose the option that fits them best. Traditional metallic braces, clear braces, lingual braces, and, of course, Invisalign are all on the table, which is not true for children. Invisalign and lingual braces need all adult teeth in the mouth to work properly. All the baby teeth would have fallen out and replaced by adult teeth by the age of 12 to 13 years, so if your child starts braces before that, the options are somewhat limited.

What is the best age to start braces?

Answering this question requires very deep knowledge about the growth and development of teeth and bones. To keep it short, in most cases, 12 years is ideal to start braces. At this age, all the adult teeth should have erupted while the bone is still soft enough to ensure the teeth move quickly and the results are more permanent.

In some cases, however, braces could start before that age if your child’s jaw bones are not the same size (meaning their upper jaw is larger than the lower or vice versa), braces should start as early as possible to control the growth pattern. Another example is when your child shows significant crowding at a young age. In that case, the orthodontist would opt for early extraction of the baby teeth to make room for the adult teeth.

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Where can I find the best provider of braces for kids Morristown, NJ, has to offer?

Look no further than Goldkind Family Orthodontics if you’re looking for the best provider of braces for children in Morristown, NJ. They provide excellent orthodontic care with an emphasis on the special requirements of kids. Goldkind Family Orthodontics is well known for its proficiency in treating paediatric patients and has a staff of committed professionals. They offer a wide variety of braces choices to suit different preferences and dental circumstances, whether your child needs traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign® Teen. In Morristown, Goldkind Family Orthodontics is the go-to name for developing stunning smiles and fostering confidence. To lay the foundation for your child’s long-term dental health and a bright smile, schedule a consultation with them right away.